The Six Untold Secrets To Mastering a Clean Eating Lifestyle

meal preperation finished

(the picture above shows the outcome of good planning)

If you are like us, you might struggle with preparation & planning A LOT especially in the beginning. Being prepared is very important as it prevents you from falling into old habits. Habits are really hard to change.


It will take you at least two months to form the clean eating lifestyle habit of preparing food, thinking about where en what you eat the next day, measuring everything on a scale and coming up with ways of transportation and offsite preparation.


And, we did not even mention that you need to think before what you will buy, how you prepare it and what combinations taste great. A lifestyle change is never easy, but you can do it. We guess that why you are here….


Personal note here: It has happened to us a few times and it will happen with you if you start the clean eating lifestyle. Don’t worry too much as we think it is ok to let it slip from time to time.


You then realize even more how difficult it is to find healthy food on the go, on the road and in restaurants. There isn’t exactly a McClean out there or CleanKing – yet.


So, planning is the key and as we already did go through to all the pains here some good advice:


  1. Start making it a habit before you leave work to and check your next day agenda – most people do so anyway, but start looking at your agenda differently. Plan your eating times for the next day.


  1. If you are on the road the next day, prepare food that is easy to eat on the go (e.g. cold salads)


  1. If you really aren’t able to avoid buying food, skip the fast food and go for alternatives like buying meals from independent convenience stores where you have more influence on the composition of the meal.


  1. Get enough “on the road gear” to store food separately you want to mix just before you eat it (e.g. vinegar and oil)


  1. Make sure when forced to eat out not to overeat – which seems easy but isn’t. Many chains out there actually publish how much energy is in their food (which is also an eye opener sometimes).


  1. You don’t have to be perfect and always eat clean food. You have to embrace the process. You have to commit to the system.


The only way to get to a clean lifestyle is to start with Day 1 (=today). So forget everything else and focus on doing it just one day at the time.

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